Fish Game – Oficial System


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Fish Game – Oficial System

Look another post for you. This is Fisherman Tavinhoi! Hahaha. This time let’s talk about fishing. I’ve been doing a super update here, because I think it’s necessary to talk in more detail about fishing, such a cool thing to do on the M2 BR and it’s becoming increasingly rare, because no one wants to “waste time” fishing anymore, but this wasting time can give you a lot of cool things like:
Golden Ring – It can be given to your fiance at your wedding as a form of love, which is increasingly difficult to find and which makes the item very rare and expensive lol);
Hair Dyes – There are five colors: Purple, Yellow, Black, Red and White and there is also the paint remover that returns the original hair color and you can dye your hair again, otherwise, if you don’t use the paint remover, the new paint only works with an up 3 levels above yours.
Wise King Glove and Medal – Your honor points increase by double, thus increasing your positive honor. Very good for anyone reading Spiritual Stones.
Fish with different bonuses – Several species of fish can be acquired and work as a chest of surprises, when you right-click on a fish, it can be ready to be roasted and thus grant you several bonuses, it can become a ” Fishbone or can turn into a Shellfish” both are used in the refining of various items and have a highly valued trade value. When opening a Shellfish can come Stone Flake or a Pearl that is used in refining.
Escarper’s Cloak – Hides your points of honor, whether they are positive or negative. It’s good to be used when the char is PK, so nobody knows its reputation hahaha.
Keys – You can get Silver, Gold or Diamond keys, which open Gold/Holy Chests, Silver/Sacred Chests and Diamond Chests.
Fish Bait – Used as bait to catch new fish or to participate in in-game events.

How to fish?

It’s pretty easy! you need to be level 30+, grab your stick and click on it to get it into your set slot. Click on any fish bait and watch the chat message: The bait has been caught in the fishing rod hook. After that click on the passive skill of fishing or on the spacebar of your keyboard, the rod will throw the bait in the river and at that moment, a Fishing window will appear with a fish going from one side of the window to the other. Let’s see in the image below that I have a schematic of what you will see when the Fishing window appears.



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