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The days are getting shorter, the nights are drawing in… Halloween is upon us! During these eerie nights, the denizens of Metin2 dress up in spectacularly creepy costumes, take their scary pets out on parade, and earn fabulous prizes in the Yut Nori Event!

There are new Halloween items in the shop to help you celebrate – only for a limited time, small mummies, ghastly armour with matching hairstyles and glowing eyes as well as two supernatural raven mounts are available in the shop.

Put together costume, headgear, pet and a mighty lolly to enjoy fantastic set bonuses:

  • EXP +150%
  • Magic/melee attack +5%
  • Skill damage +5%

Event: Yut Nori

Hunt monsters to gather Birch Branches, combine 28 of these into a Yut Nori Board, and let the fun begin!

  • Starts: 8/10 at midnight
  • End of the Birch Branch drops and the shop offers: 5/11 at 11:59 PM
  • Event ends: 6/11 at 11:59 PM

How to Play

You can play the game as soon as you have a Yut Nori Board:

  1. You play against the computer.
  2. Each player has two pieces. Whichever player brings both pieces home first is the winner.
  3. Instead of dice, the game uses Yut Sticks. The number of spaces you can move is determined by how many sticks land with the flat side facing up.
  4. The first throw determines the starting player. The player with the lowest score begins.
  5. Click on ‘Throw’. Your move is displayed below. Select the piece you wish to move.
  6. If you land directly on a space with an arrow, you can take the shortcut.

You can also exchange the Yut Nori Board for the Yut Nori Secret which grants you increases of 20% EXP, 5% item drops and 10% strength against monsters for 30 minutes.

Throws and Moves

Do (one flat side up): Move forwards 1 space Gae (two flat sides up): Move forwards 2 spaces Geol (three flat sides up): Move forwards 3 spaces Yut (four flat sides up): Move forwards 4 spaces Mo (four rounded sides up): Move forwards 5 spaces Back Do (only marked stick with flat side up): Move backwards 1 space. If you do not have a token on the board, you will have to wait a turn.

Job-gi: Landing directly on a space occupied by the computer’s token removes it from the board and you receive 10 points. Up-gi: If both of your pieces end the turn on the same space, you move them as one starting with the next turn. Throw again: If you score a Yut or Mo, you get another turn.

You can increase your chances of landing a certain throw. Simply select it from the relevant menu.


  1. Throwing the Yut Sticks: -10
  2. Catching the computer’s piece: +10
  3. Computer catches your piece: -10
  4. Getting your piece home: +10
  5. Computer gets piece home: -10



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