[1] Teleport Window




  • This project provides you Teleport Window for your Metin2 server.
  • There are 2 modes – with color changing and without color changing (shown on video or in product gallery).
  • You can remove showing modules (yang, item, level). After hiding any of modules, other modules relocate.
  • Customizable font for teleport names.
  • You can setup needed yang, item, item count and level.
  • It is also customized for different empires, so you can add teleport name “Map1” and port players of each empire to other location.
  • Window can be opened using command or pressing key. You can use it instead “Teleporter” NPC too.
  • Count of teleport locations is easy to configure (rewriting number).



  • #define ENABLE_TELEPORT_WINDOW: Enables or disables Teleport Window in server side.
  • #define ENABLE_TPWINDOW_DEBUG: Enables logs in sys_log for debug.
  • #define TELEPORT_COUNTDOWN_TIME: Sets cooldown time before teleporting.


  • #define ENABLE_TELEPORT_WINDOW: Enables or disables Teleport Window in client side.
  • #define ENABLE_TEXT_COLOR_CHANGING: Enables color changing (shown on video).
  • #define ENABLE_TW_LEVEL_MODULE: Enables showing needed level in window.
  • #define ENABLE_TW_YANG_MODULE: Enables showing needed yang in window.
  • #define ENABLE_TW_ITEM_MODULE: Enables showing needed item in window.
  • #define ENABLE_REALTIME_REFRESH: Enables auto refreshing.


  • /teleportwindowcall – Opens or closes Teleport Window.



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