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How to participate:

During the event period, the ‘Battle Royale Entry’ item can be obtained in the same way as the weekly drop, through Boss and Metin-type monsters of all levels (low drop rate).

With this item it is possible to register to participate in a Battle Royale match. There is no minimum level to participate.

To open the event interface, click on the ‘E’ located on the mini-map.


In the event interface, click the ‘Register’ button.


When there are 50 or more players in the queue, a notice will appear in the chat and the ‘Start’ option will become available.

The ‘Start’ option will appear in the Battle Royale interface, occupying the ‘Register’ button option.

The first 50 who click ‘Start’ will be taken to the Battle Royale lobby and one ‘Battle Royale Entry’ unit will be consumed upon entering.

Those who cannot enter the room will be able to enter a new queue.



When the required number of participants has entered the Battle Royale, characters will have to wait 1 minute in the waiting room before the match starts.

All characters will be transformed into Ninja, with the gender being randomly set.

All items, buffs and skills will be removed and only 3 inventory lines will be available.

During the wait, all characters will be invincible and there will be a monster in the center, which will disappear when the match starts.

When the match starts, all participants will receive a +50 movement speed buff for 3 minutes.

When opening the map, you can see two circles.

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