[2] – Memo Trio Monster



• Defeat monsters and collect monster cards.
• The game starts once you have collected a complete Monster Trio Memo Set, obtained by using 27 Monster Trio Memo Cards.


• Start the game via the event button next to the mini-map.
• When you click on a face-down card, it will flip over and reveal a monster.
• Reveals a trio of identical monsters and they will remain revealed.
• Once you’ve found all 9 trios, you’ll receive your reward.
• The rewards you will receive depend on the number of attempts you have used.


• You can use a Hint to reveal the cards again. You have 10 seconds after using a Hint.
• In each game you are entitled to 2 Tips. The first costs 3 Monster Trio Memo Cards and the second costs 5.
• If you don’t reveal all 3 cards after the game starts, another card will be flipped randomly and count as a try.
• Similarly, a card will be revealed if you do not flip a card within 10 seconds. This will also count as an attempt.


• You cannot collect your reward if you teleport to another location during the game or if you log out.
• Do not perform other actions during a game and do not teleport through an NPC to ensure that the game is not interrupted.
• Change locations only after completing the minigame.




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