[1] Legends Arena




  • This project provides you Legends Arena for your Metin2 server.
  • This project adds one new map but it is recommended to use own.
  • There is interface where are statistics (kills, deaths and points) and “shop”.
  • There are many configuration options where you can set up item restrictions, affect restrictions etc.
  • When killing player, killer gets points. Points are used for exchanging points to items.
  • Everything is refreshed in real-time.
  • Legends Arena is controlled by GM commands or quest functions.

Configuration options

  • LEGENDS_ARENA_MAP_INDEX (default: 199) – Index of arena map.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_MAP_STARTX (default: 38855300) – X coordinate of player warp.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_MAP_STARTY (default: 68349000) – Y coordinate of player warp.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_STATUS_SET_DELAY (default: 1) – Delay while setting status.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_KILLER_POINTS_EARN (default: 3) – Defines how many does killer get points for killing.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_ENABLE_BROADCASTS (default: true) – Enables or disables broadcast notices.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_KILLER_HP_REGEN (default: true; 40%) – Enables or disables HP regeneration (for killer) after kill. Second value sets % of killer’s max. HP to regenerate.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_END_WARP (default: true) – Enables or disables warping after the end.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_MIN_LEVEL (default: 75) – Sets minimal level for joining.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_MAX_LEVEL (default: 120) – Sets maximal level for joining.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_RESTART_TOWN (default: false) – Enables or disables restarting in town button.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_FULL_HP_ON_RESTART (default: true) – Enables or disables getting full HP on restart.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_FULL_SP_ON_RESTART (default: true) – Enables or disables getting full SP on restart.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_JOIN_CLEAR_AFFECTS (default: true) – Enables or disables clearing affects while joining.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_JOIN_QUIT_PARTY (default: true) – Enables or disables quitting party while joining.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_PENALTIES (default: false) – Enables or disables penalties.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_ALIGN_PENALTIES (default: false) – Enables or disables alignment penalties.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_MOUNTS (default: false) – Enables or disables mounts.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_RED_POTIONS (default: false) – Enables or disables red potions.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_BLUE_POTIONS (default: true) – Enables or disables blue potions.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_RED_AUTOPOTIONS (default: false) – Enables or disables automatic red potions.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_BLUE_AUTOPOTIONS (default: true) – Enables or disables automatic blue potions.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_AFFECT_ITEMS (default: false) – Enables or disables affect items.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_BLEND_ITEMS (default: false) – Enables or disables blend items.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_OTHER_ITEMS (default: false) – Enables or disables unique list of restricted items.
  • RED_POTIONS_LIST – Defines red potions.
  • BLUE_POTIONS_LIST – Defines blue potions.
  • MOUNT_ITEMS_LIST – Defines mount items (excluding costume mounts).
  • OTHER_ITEMS_LIST – Defines unique list of restricted items.
  • LEGENDS_ARENA_SHOP – Defines shop items.



  • #define ENABLE_LEGENDS_ARENA: Enables or disables Legends Arena in server side.


  • #define ENABLE_LEGENDS_ARENA: Enables or disables Legends Arena in client side.
  • #define LEGENDS_ARENA_PLAYER_ANONYMIZE: Enables or disables showing player’s name in Legends Arena map.


  • /legends_arena status <0 / 1> – Disabling or enabling arena.
  • /legends_arena addpoints <player_name> <points >- Adding points to specific player.
  • /legends_arena addkills <player_name> <kills> – Adding kills to specific player.
  • /legends_arena adddeaths <player_name> <deaths> – Adding deaths to specific player.

Quest Functions

  • game.legends_arena_set_status(<status>) – This quest function disables or enables arena.
  • game.legends_arena_get_status() – This quest function returns status of arena.



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