[1] Itemshop System

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  • This project provides you Item Shop, Fortune Wheel and showing DMs (Dragon Marks) in inventory for your Metin2 server.
  • This system manages everything about ItemShop etc. You do not have to manage anything else.
  • The account’s DMs is read from ‘cash’ column in account table.
  • Items being sold in ItemShop are loaded from database. So everything you need to configure database, nothing else.
  • It is easy to configure prizes from Fortune Wheel, items in ItemShop.
  • Everything is logged into database – withdrawing DMs, depositing DMs, buying item from ItemShop, winning item from Wheel Fortune…
  • There is also table in database which shows popularity of items in ItemShop (how many times has been item bought).
  • System does not use ChatPackets, commands, quests or something like that. System uses only packets.
  • There is .psd file for every button / image. So you do not have to remake whole buttons, you just edit it in Photoshop.
  • Very comfortable to set up system, edit system, adapt system.



  • #define ENABLE_DM_SYSTEM: Enables or disables DM System in server side.


  • #define ENABLE_DM_SYSTEM: Enables or disables DM System in client side.



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