[2] – Duel of the Seers

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### How to Play

You need a Tarot Set to take part in the duel. This consists of 18 Tarot Cards which can be obtained from monsters throughout the world. You can complete the quest up to 5x per day.

Open the minigame by clicking ‘Duel of the Seers’ in the event banner. Each game you play requires a Tarot Set.

If you don’t feel like hunting down monsters, or if you’re missing a few cards, you’ll also find three Seer Chests full of Tarot Cards in the item shop.

### Rules

You get 9 cards numbered 0 through 8. Each number appears exactly once. Cards with even numbers are black, while odd-numbered cards are white. Your opponent has exactly the same cards.

Each round you select a card to compete against your opponent’s. You do not know which card your opponent has chosen. You can only see the card’s colour, and you will learn whether your card was higher, lower or the same value. Based on this information, you have to try to predict what your opponent will do next.

The aim is to outbid your opponent as often as possible. Each of these victories earns you one point.

The minigame ends once all cards have been played. You receive Seer Coins equal to your score. If you win, you’ll receive additional coins equal to the difference between your scores.



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